About Me

Hello guys, this is me, Ashwini! Well, before getting married and starting this blog, I was one lazy person who was glued to one fixed boring routine. I used to hate travel. I literally had no idea what travel or travelling life exactly was.

But, after I met my Mr. perfect, we got hitched and all over a new, crazy and exciting life stated. 

We are currently living in Europe and almost every other weekend we visit a new place around, have something adventurous and new in life. We try to celebrate and live every day and always look forward to actually live our life.

So, going forward, I am going to keep writing and posting pictures about our travel life, some personal and life-changing stories, because writing down, is the best way to keep and share your memories. I hope you all will keep reading and will keep liking it.

Happy Travel and Happy writing! ❤

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